Finisterre wetsuits

Wetsuits, wetsuits....can't surf in the UK without them.....most of the time, surfing in the Wavegarden will be no exception.

We've been looking mighty hard at the wetsuit market as it is something we will be needing to get our heads around very soon as they will need to be available to hire, maybe to buy at The Wave.

So many brands, such differing quality and very varied "eco-crudentials".

Some might be made of recycled water bottles, limestone based neoprene etc etc etc but if it's travelled the world to get to our door...the damage is probably done.

I guess we are looking at four key things.

  • What is it made from.
  • Where has it come from.
  • How long will it last.
  • Cost

In theory a fairly toxic made wetsuit that lasts 20 years is better than a super eco-friendly wetsuit that dies after 2 years...i've had a couple of those!

So Finisterre are putting their R & D into the mighty suits and we can't wait to see how it works out. It could be a great step in the right direction.

Check out the story here: Finisterre


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